What is social media? Knowing what social media is the first thing that you should know is what exactly is social media. We all know what media is media is the communication instrument through which people can know what is going on in the world and social media is the social communication instrument through which the social news can be spread. There are many social media company  who works for the same. A website that doesn't just give you information, but interacts with you while giving you that information.

 This interaction can be as simple as asking for your comments or letting you vote on an article, or it can be as complex as flixter recommending movies to you based on the ratings of other people with similar interests. Social media company help to spread the news about the things happening in this world and they also make sure that everything is updated. Think of regular media as a one-way street where you can read a newspaper or listen to a report on television, but you have very limited ability to give your thoughts on the matter and on the other side it helps to communicate.

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